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Date 2021-01-04

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Mother Therapy 

Mother Therapy is a treatment method of child psychology that mothers themselves can learn and apply for solving children’s psychological problems. Korea Institute of Psycho-education has developed different psychology treatment methods and has been educating and treating thousands of people for more than 10 years. Mother Therapy was developed in 2013. It was hypothesized and verified that child’s psychology can be effectively normalized in a short time by mothers’ adopting adequate parenting strategies without direct professional interventions. Mother Therapy trains mothers to build the ability to stabilize children’s psychology. 

Adopting Mother Therapy can solve not only typical problems of parenting but also seemingly severe psychological problems of children. Mothers who adopt Mother Therapy can enjoy the happiness of parenting without unnecessary conflicts and difficulties. 

So far, you may have tried your best to solve children’s psychological problems seeking help from diverse treatment methods, counseling, psychiatry, and so on. You may also have experienced continuation, deterioration, or recurrence of the problems, or even the development of a different type of problems as a result of diverse intervention programs. You may have even thought about giving up making efforts to solve your child’s psychological problems out of exhaustion and despair. 

By taking Mother Therapy just once, you can build the ability to solve and prevent your child’s psychological problems.


[Children’s psychological problems that can be solved by adopting Mother Therapy] 

- Tic disorder, Tourette syndrome

- ADHD, learning disorder

- Developmental delay, developmental disorder

- Game addiction, internet addiction, SNS addiction

- Separation anxiety disorder


- Intermittent explosive disorder

- Autism spectrum disorder

- Asperger’s syndrome

- Eating disorder

- Diverse problems of adaptation to relationships


1. Training process of Mother Therapy   

      1) Introduction / Basic concepts

      2) Training video 1 (1 hour)

      3) Therapeutic tasks

      4) Training video 2 (1 hour)

      5) Parenting strategies

      6) Training video 3 (1 hour)

      7) Treatment methods  

      8) Training video 4 (1 hour)

      9) Wrap up


  2. Expense for taking Mother Therapy : 3,300 U.S. dollars per person 

    * Wire transfer (Cash receipt or tax invoice issued) 

    * Please, refer to [Refund Policy] on [FAQ] regarding refund after the payment.


   3. Application for Mother Therapy 

     1) Please, send an e-mail including the following information.

        (We will send you a guide e-mail on procedures of taking Mother Therapy upon receiving your application e-mail.) 

     2) Send your application to :


[Information to be provided for application] 

1. Membership ID / E-mail address / Address for mailing

2. Area of residence

3. Age

4. Time period you have been married

5. Your child’s gender / age :

6. Your child’s psychological problems :

7. Points you want to inquire about :

E-mail :

Blog :



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