Mothers who want to treat children’s ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

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Date 2021-01-22

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You can benefit from taking Mother Therapy if : 

-You are concerned about the recent occurrence of your child’s ADHD.

-You are trying your best to treat your child’s ADHD.

-You are taking psychology counseling to treat your child’s ADHD.

-You are giving medicine to your child to treat your child’s ADHD.

-You have tried your best but have not been able to treat your child’s ADHD.

-You are about to give up trying to treat your child’s ADHD.

-You have difficulties from your own psychological wounds due to your child’s ADHD.

-You feel that you are blaming you child for his or her ADHD.

-You blame yourself for your child’s ADHD.

Any mother whose child has the problem of ADHD can benefit from adopting Mother Therapy. You will be able to treat your child’s ADHD

 without difficulty through taking and applying Mother Therapy.

Many cases of ADHD are found by people other than children’s own mothers. Mothers may be informed by teachers or caregivers about the

 child’s seemingly abnormal behaviors, which are typically characterized by over-activeness and lack of attention. When children are

 screened and diagnosed for ADHD, mothers may do their best to treat the condition employing all the available treatment methods ranging

 from medication to counseling to diverse intervention programs. In some cases, the remission of the conditions is not observed after many

 months or even years of treatment trials making both mothers and children give up on efforts.  

From the perspective of the Theory of Mimind, which Mother Therapy is based upon, many cases of children’s ADHD are not psychological

 problems or disorders.


They may be viewed and categorized as psychological problems or disorders when judged with criteria for adults’ psychological operations,

 but they only indicate children going through some transitional phases in the process of psychological development, which must be

 acknowledged as being natural rather than being abnormal. Even more serious problem occurs when adults are convinced that the child has

 problems. The child is labeled and stigmatized by being diagnosed as having ADHD and is forced to go through unnecessary procedures for

 so called ‘treatment’. 

Korea Institute of Psycho-education has been training mothers so that they can help adjust their children’s psychology by taking and applying

 Mother Therapy for normalizing many ADHD cases as well as other psychological problems of children. Now, you can take Mother Therapy

 and become a real expert in stabilizing your children’s psychology and promoting your children’s success and happiness. Now, you and your

 children can be free from depending on medications without any time limit, consulting psychiatrists to no avail, and taking counseling

 sessions repeatedly for years. You yourself can become the expert for treating your child’s ADHD by adopting Mother Therapy.

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