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Mothers who say that they’ve given up parenting their children

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Date 2020-11-20

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  Were you happy when your children were born? Or have you regretted and not interested in them? Most mothers would be happy when they gave birth to 

their children. Think about how well and how much you treasured your babies when you had them while you were pregnant for 10 months.


  However, you experience so many difficulties due to various problems of children as they get through survival, adaptation to relationship, and formation of 

self-identity after they were born. No one except for mothers will understand how hard it is to get through these endless difficulties. Mothers will face many 

difficulties in parenting their children.


  Whether it is your children’s psychological problem or whether is it mothers’ psychological problem, mothers could passively give up parenting children if 

they try to avoid difficulties in parenting children and want to live only as women.

  In most cases, mothers give up parenting their children because they are tired of and exhausted due to children’s psychological problems. There are also 

cases that they give up parenting because they cannot endure their marriage due to husband’s problems or because they become so exhausted without any 

help from husband.


  Mothers are women for sure. I’m not saying that mothers should give up living as women, but they should be aware of that they could have very serious 

psychological problems if they give up their identity as mothers and try to live only as women. If mothers try to live only as women, their maternal love will 

disappear so that only their moods will operate like men. Then, they need to live with endless fun and interest making them delude themselves that fun and 

interesting things are the biggest happiness in their lives.


  If this really happens, children will be the ones holding their mothers back; a husband will be only a machine that makes money; the household will be 

fettering their freedom and becomes unnecessary. Mothers will spend their time having fun with other men or women. Whether it is sexual fun or fun from 


or whatever they have fun with, they will live lives that only pursue fun things.


  But they will have power to live happily in whatever difficult situations they are involved in if their children are happy. That is to say that they will not end 

up having psychological problems by given up parenting.


  Therefore, if you are mothers, you must treat your children’s psychological problems so you and your children both can become happy. For your and your 

children’s happiness, Mother Therapy is important.

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