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Psychology of your son and that of your daughter are different

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Date 2020-11-20

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 If you are a mother, you will know that sons and daughters are different. However, it is difficult for mothers with sons only to know the psychology 

of daughters. It is also difficult for mothers with daughters only to know the psychology of sons; and yet, anybody knows that sons and daughters are 



  Have you thought of the reason why sons and daughters are different? I will not explain that your sons and daughters are physically different. Besides 

their physical differences, sons and daughters have a different psychology. To explain in more detail, what’s different is not their psychology but their mind. 

By the difference in their mind, you feel as if their psychology is different. You feel that perception psychology that accepts outer information, memory 

psychology that remembers information and withdraw remembered information, and expression psychology that makes expressions outwardly are different.


  The mind must be operated in the psychology of perception, memory, and expression. Most people say that psychology is different, but the principle of 

how psychology operates is the same for both sons and daughters. What is different is their mind.


  The mind of sons is ‘removing stress and pursuing only fun moods.’ The mind of daughters is ‘remembering stress as wounds by perception, trying to treat 

these wounds, and pursuing good emotions.’

  Sons hate stress very much and try to avoid or remove stress immediately when it comes in. what they say and how they act are all for removing the stress. 

By doing so, they don’t remember stress.


  On the other hand, daughters perceive stress and try to understand the stress when it comes in in order to treat it. That is why they keep asking and trying 

to know things clearly. What they say and how they act are for treating the stress. Daughters accept stress; they remember the stress that is not treated as 



  You will be able to know the difference between the psychology of sons and daughters more clearly by applying this simple principle of difference in mind. 

You cannot understand the psychology of your sons and of your daughters if you do not understand this principle.

  When problems occur to your children while raising them, you keep facing difficult situations constantly without resolving problems because you cannot find 

what to do exactly without knowing this principle.


  Your sons and daughters must be parented differently because their mind and psychology operate differently. Treatment methods must be different since the 

causes of their psychological problems are also different as well.

  Lots of mothers complain of difficulties in parenting daughters and sons. It is phenomena that occur when parenting information, nurturing information, 

information for psychological problem-solving, etc. are not accurate since they do not know that how to parent and resolve psychological problems of sons and 

daughters are different.

  Then let’s talk about how to analyze differences between sons and daughters.

  First, you must know that there are three psychological stages that your sons and daughters get through in the process of parenting and nurturing them. The 

three stages are survival, adaptation to relationship, and formation of self-identity. You also need to understand that the psychology of sons and daughters operate 

differently in the process of psychological development.


  Second, the principle of how children’s psychology operates in mind must be understood when parenting sons and daughters. As for sons who are males, moods 

are operated; these moods change depending on whether things are right or wrong. As for daughters who are females, emotions are operated; these emotions 

change depending on whether they like or dislike things. This principle must be understood clearly.


  Third, the causes of psychological problems of sons and daughters are different. Children’s psychological problems are phenomena that occur when imbalanced 

psychology of perception, memory, and expression are trying to be adjusted when psychological problems occur in accordance with the psychological developmental 

process. In cases of sons who are males, especially, psychological problems occur when they get constant stress. In cases of daughters who are females, psychological 

problems occur when their wounds last.


  Fourth, treatment methods for sons and for daughters are different. When you try to resolve their psychological problems, you need to analyze the psychological 

operations of the psychological developmental process, the principle of how mind and psychology operate, and causes of psychological problems in order. If you find 

which psychology of children (perception, memory, and expression) you need to strengthen or weaken to make them balanced, that will be the treatment method for 

your children. This method is going to be the best if you can adjust it as you keep your daily routines.


  Like this, that sons and daughters are different when resolving problems in parenting, nurturing, growth and psychology must be understood accurately.

  You are probably looking for information about parenting, nurturing, and growth of other mothers or experts and information about treating psychological problems. 

However, you will know that all of these are useless when you learn Mother Therapy.

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