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The reality of knowledge education for children

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Date 2020-11-20

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 You need to think about what’s happening in children’s psychology. It is true that you need to make them live happily when they become adults 

through various educations in their growing process ever since they were born. That is the reason that we educate children from kindergarten until 

they graduate college so they can live happily as adults. However, the reality is that not many people are aware of that whether children’s psychology 

becomes happy or not depends on the contents of education they get.

  People are not really interested in the influence of the present education on children’s psychology from children’s point of view. Whether it is expert, 

scholar, or government, whoever that is could have prevented harmful consequences if they knew children’s psychology receiving educations.


  Education can be divided into 2 kinds. First is knowledge education; second is mind education.


  Knowledge education is the same as the education that makes you study as you already know. Since it forces you to study, strong stress operates 

in the conscious making you to understand and remember learning contents. If you only focus on knowledge education, problems will occur in your 

children’s psychology due to stress and wounds. Especially, forcing children to take vocational education or career education ever since they are so young 

could make their psychology much worse.

  In order to complement this, they need to be able to treat their stress and wounds caused by knowledge education by themselves. In other words, 

mind education is the training that allows you to be able to cope with stress and wounds before taking knowledge education.

  However, in fact, personality education, which is called mind education and is being practiced in order to complement problems of knowledge 

education, is just an extension of knowledge education.

  Personality education causes stress and wounds in human relationships since it is education that pursues happiness for oneself as a person. 

That is to say that children’s psychology becomes more individualistic making them more difficult to have smooth human relationships as they 

get personality education. Children’s psychology has no options other than being more serious because it is mandatory to take personality education.

  Also, we are not aware of that sex education induces children to be adults who need xes by forcing them to know about it. The present sex education 

is becoming the education that actively encourages xes as one of knowledge education; the reality is that it is mandatory to provide this education 

to children starting from kindergarten.


  Moreover, it is said that art, music, and physical educations refine emotions and stabilize their psychology through these educations; however, it is just 

one of the knowledge educations that only gives the extra burden of learning to children especially when they are forced to learn the educations. 

The stronger these educations become, the more negative impact on children’s psychology will happen.

  Ultimately, only knowledge educations exist in children’s reality. There is no essential mind education. Therefore, children’s psychological problems 

get worse because they constantly take knowledge education. More psychological problems occur in young children; psychological problems that occur in 

children under 5 are much worse.


  Mothers, teachers, and scholars think knowledge educations are for children. I’m not saying that knowledge education is wrong because you can learn the 

knowledge you need to live happily in economic relational, and socially.

  But when educating knowledge like these, mind education that can prevent psychological problems is required. Knowledge education without mind 

education will eventually cause psychological problems and not allow children to live happily; their characters become serious although they have lots 

of knowledge. I’m sure that none of you want to raise your children like this.


  Educations, whether public or private, that children take are mostly knowledge educations. Knowledge education is the process of learning 

knowledge needed when children get involved in social activities and when they pursue economic and relational values and of learning how to learn 

this knowledge as they grow. It is very necessary.


  However, knowledge educations cause fatal stress and wounds in children’s mind and psychology. They are very natural phenomena that children 

have psychological problems due to stress and wounds by knowledge education.

  Also, phenomena that occur when stress and wounds operate in children in survival, adaptation to relationship, and formation of self-identity are very 

different; due to these, various psychological problems occur in children.


  Children’s psychological problems appear in various ways such as tic disorders, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, developmental delay and disability, 

game addiction, internet addiction, intermittent explosive disorder, etc.; these are considered to be psychological disorders from adults’ point of view.


  Existing treatment method of children’s psychology in the present is driving knowledge into children in order to treat phenomena by these psychological 



  You might think that constantly driving knowledge into children could treat them, but it only makes their problems worse leading to becoming 

psychological disorders without being treated. Neither counselors no experts know that knowledge education causes children’s psychological problems. 

The stronger knowledge education becomes, the more serious children’s psychological problems occur.


  If you are school teachers or mothers, you must understand that constant knowledge education to children will definitely cause psychological problems. 

You also need to know how to prevent and treat children’s psychological problems. In order to prevent and treat their psychological problems, you must 

be able to prevent and treat right away when their psychological problems occur by discussing, studying, and sharing information together.

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