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Mothers wanting to resolve or treat various psychological problems of children

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Date 2020-11-23

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- Those facing difficulties due to children’s psychological problems


- Those with conflicts with children’s psychological problems


- Those trying various efforts to treat children’s psychological problems


- Those taking counseling for children’s psychological problems


- Those who failed to treat children’s psychological problems


- those who have given up treating children’s psychological problems


- Those with difficulties because you cannot treat your children’s psychological problems


- Those with wounds due to children’s psychological problems


- Those blaming children for their psychological problems


- Those blaming themselves for children’s psychological problems


- Those who had or have psychological difficulties due to children’s psychological problems



   If you are a mother suffering in difficulties due to your children’s psychological problems like these, you definitely need Mother Therapy; you will be able to treat 

your children’s problems without difficulty if you learn Mother Therapy.




- Kleptomania of children (stealing things or money)


- Children’s abscondence from home (leaving home very often)


- Children who are socially withdrawn, who have autism spectrum disorder, and who have Asperger syndrome


- Children’s depression, impulse disorder, anxiety disorder, phobic disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder


- Children’s eating disorders, deviated food habit or obesity


- Children’s school refusal, victim or perpetrator of bullying, victim or assailant of violence, and various conflicts




   If you are a mother, you have experience difficulties at least once due to various psychological problems of your children. In some cases, problems disappear 

naturally, but in other cases, children’s psychological problems are not treated but last making the situation very hard and difficult. Mothers cannot simply ignore 

their children’s psychological problems because these problems are very harmful to them.



  Mothers gather and exchange information about various psychological problems by type and make efforts to solve problems, but most of them still have difficulties 

without actually resolving the problems. Some of them could have a sense of shame with thoughts like ‘how come my child’s problem is not treated when others have 

been treated?’



  If various psychological problems occur to your children like this, you must think about how you are dealing with these problems. There are also cases that mothers 

suffer from difficulties in treating children’s psychological problems.



  Whatever your children’s problems are, treatments must be applied only for your children. Psychological treatment must be adjusted only for your children when 

treating their psychological problems, but you don’t know you’ve failed to treat your children’s psychological problems because you tried to treat their various psychological 

problems depending on examples and methods of other mothers’ or of experts, etc.



  I hope you no more waste your time. Mothers waste their time; children suffer from difficulties and agony due to their psychological problems.



  Mother Therapy can treat every psychological problem that has occurred to your children. It is the psychological treatment method of children that mothers can treat 

their own children in person.



  You have thought that it is experts’ job to treat your children’s psychological problems so far; however, only mothers are able to find the proper method and treat their 

own children. It is because experts cannot know the right treatment methods only for your children.



  Mother Therapy will teach mothers the principles of psychological treatment for their children; when mothers apply these principles adjusted to their own children, that 

will be the right treatment method only for their children. Therefore, mothers must learn Mother Therapy and be able to treat their own children’s psychological problems.



  I am certain that none of you has ever expected Mother Therapy. You’ve never thought of that mothers are the experts in treating their children’s psychological problems. 

Mother Therapy is the psychological treatment method for children that experts could never develop.



  Now, you can become psychological treatment experts for your children. Stop suffering in difficulties to treat your children’s psychological problems. This will make not 

only you but also your children suffer in difficulties.

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