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Teachers or mothers distressed due to personality education of children.

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Date 2020-11-27

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You might have seen personality education for your children. Do you think this personality education is helpful for children in cultivating their personalities

when you think of it?

After personality education became mandatory by laws, more problems have been caused, instead of having improvements, in children’s personalities. Don't

you think it is a matter of personality education rather than social problems? Everyone knows that the aims and purposes of personality education are

cultivating children’s and students’ personalities and making them have healthy psychology, understand and keep morals and ethics with healthy psychology.

The aims and purposes are very good, but we must think about why personality education doesn’t fit its original aims and purposes.

Those teachers at schools are not able to care about students’ personality education could be a problem. That parents do not really mind about their children’s

personality education because they think it is a duty that schools need to do could also be the problem. However, it is a matter of personality education itself.

Parents and teacher cannot be free from problems of this personality education because it causes children’s and students’ personalities become worse. So, they

rely on games, plays, field trips, and other activities for children’s personality problems, but still, these cannot be the fundamental resolution to the problems.

In fact, the fundamental problem is that you are not aware of that personality education is the education that makes children live as ‘person.’ Being a person

makes you have the conscious that everything’s fine only if you are happy without being interested in others; this causes serious selfishness in households and

societies. This is why personality education is serious.

Rather than personality education, what’s really needed is PIR education. PIR education is the education that teaches principles and methods to live happily with

 others as a PIR. That is to say that it is the education of making self-identity that is necessary to live as a PIR. Personality education without PIR education

has a great impact negatively on households and societies.

PIR education of Mother Therapy complements personality education and can teach teachers and mothers principles of how to live happily together by self-treating

students’ and children’s stress and wounds through teachers and mothers.

PIR education of Mother Therapy is the education that teaches principles and methods of how to live happily with centered human relationships. So, it is an

essential process for teachers and mothers distressed due to personality education of students and children.



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