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Building the ability to heal stress and wounds in your children

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Date 2021-01-22

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In Mother Therapy, mothers are guided to activate their unconscious in the interactions with children, which is very natural in the mother-child relationship. Mothers who apply

 Mother Therapy to their children and experience the effects of Mother Therapy say that they do not know how exactly their children have restored normal psychology. Mothers

 themselves have solved their children’s psychological problems, but they do not think that they are the major agents in the treatment process.  

For example, the symptoms of tic disorder disappear when the child has the ability to heal stress and wounds. The symptoms of tic disorder is not a disorder, but rather a

 phenomenon of somatization, which is compulsively activated by stress. These symptoms simply disappear in no time once the child has the inner system of healing stress

 and wounds. 

In the process of applying Mother Therapy, the symptoms of tic disorder may repeat disappearing and appearing a few times until they never recur. Mothers usually do not

 recognize exactly when the symptoms disappeared, which indicates that mothers have not used the conscious in the interactions with children. Once children build the inner

 system of healing stress and wounds, it stays with them for their whole life time. It is their mothers who make them build this healing system. 

Mothers can bring about many positive changes in children. Please, continue to apply the parenting strategies you have learned in Mother Therapy. It is also recommended

 that mothers continue to participate in the on-line community of [Members Only]. There may be individual differences in the time taken for visible changes in children, but it is

 guaranteed that children will change for better soon. They will change to become their true self being healthy and happy. 

The concept of mothers treating children’s psychological problems is the same as preventing psychological problems. Treatment methods of child psychology is identical to

 prevention methods of psychology. They will enable children to protect their own psychology before psychological problems occur.   

Children form methods of psychology treatment in the unconscious through interactions with their mother. Then, they will not develop psychological problems due to stress and

 wounds as they grow and live as adults since they can activate habits of treatment and prevention before their psychological conditions get serious.

Forming habits in the unconscious takes time. Mothers can apply the parenting strategies continuously in daily interactions so that children can form habits of healing their own

 psychology. No one has to suffer from children’s psychological problems any more. 

The habits of healing stress and wounds for prevention and treatment will be the best gift a parent can give to children. All of us are to be exposed to stress and wounds

 throughout our life time, and the ability to solve our own psychological problems must be something so precious that money can’t buy. Now, you have the opportunity to give

 this precious gift to your children through Mother Therapy. 

You have always been and will always be good mothers. Your children who have built the inner system of healing stress and wounds will also become good parents and they

 will thank you for that. We hope that Mother Therapy will contribute to building happy homes everywhere at present and in the future.  


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