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Do you really understand your child's mind and psychology?

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Date 2021-02-18

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How much do you think you understand about your child's mind and psychology?

Most mothers would say that they are the ones who know the most about their children. It is a legitimate argument since mothers are the closest people to their

 children. They have been interacting with their children on a daily basis all throughout children's lifetime. However, it does not mean that you understand how

 children's mind and psychology operate, and why children say and act the way they do in any true sense.


Actually, you may have questions like the following :


- Why do my children talk and behave in such ways?

- Why on earth do my children keep doing it when I have told them not to do it more    

  than a hundred times?

- Why do my children fall behind in speech and behaviors when I have provided  

  everything good?

- Why do my children do things that make me feel hurt?

- Why don't my children look happy in spite of all the love I give to them?

- Why don't my children understand that I only try hard and guide them for their own  

  success and happiness ?


There are many more things you cannot understand about your children than those listed above, and you may have difficulties in parenting due to all kinds of



Not only mothers but also experts of child psychology may not accurately understand how children's mind and psychology operate. Some experts only focus on

 individual behaviors and visible symptoms and diagnose and prescribe the treatment methods based on what they see.


Children just express the result of the operation of mind and psychology following the mechanism of human mind and psychology. In a sense, the mechanism of

 mind and psychology operate identically to all children, so behaviors and symptoms can be analyzed by simply matching individual behaviors with operational

 mechanisms of mind and psychology. Children's behaviors that seem different on the surface may have a shared root cause that is related with their needs for

 the phases of psychological development.

It is imperative that accurate analysis should be made for each developmental phase the child is in, which are the phases of survival, adaptation to

 relationships, and formation of self-formation. Also, the difference between the operation of moods in boys and the operation of feelings in girls must be

 understood. Based on these fundamental premises, adequate analysis can be achieved about the true picture of children's expressions through their speech

 and actions, along with the mechanism of the interactions of perception, memory, and expression.


Through Mother Therapy, you will be able to adequately interpret children's mind and psychology, and learn about adequate parenting. Then, you will be able to

 diagnose and solve your children's psychological problems and achieve happiness for you and your children.


You don't have to depend upon psychology experts for your children's problems any more. Mothers are the best psychology experts for their own children.

 Also, a lot of information you are exposed to through internet or other people are likely to be misleading or superficial at most focusing on individual and

 visible phenomena.


It is recommended that you will accurately understand your children's mind and psychology and solve your children's psychological problems through Mother


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