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Parenting strategies and methods of solving psychological problems are different for boys and girls

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Date 2021-02-18

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Psychology operates differently for boys and girls, so parenting strategies are also different for boys and girls. Since boys and girls develop psychological

 problems from different causes, the methods of solving psychological problems are also different. When mothers do not understand the differences in boys

 and girls in psychology, they are bound to suffer from difficulties in parenting no matter how hard they try based on confusing information and knowledge on

 parenting and child psychology.


The following points are the basics of the differences in boys' and girls' psychology.


Firstly, children's psychology develops through the phases of survival, adaptation to relationships, and formation of self-identity. Boys' and girls' psychology

 operate differently at each developmental phase. Children develop psychological problems when needs at each developmental phase are not satisfied



Secondly, boys and girls, or males and females regardless of age, have different operations in the three psychological components : perception, memory, and

 expression. Moods operate in boys, and moods change based on the judgment of 'right' or 'wrong' from their own standards. Feelings operate in girls, and

 feelings change based on the judgment of 'like' or 'dislike' from their own standards.


Thirdly, boys and girls have different causes of psychological problems. Boys develop psychological problems and stress continues, and girls develop

 psychological problems when wounds continue. Children's psychological problems are the results of attempts for adjustment of psychological operations when

 stress and wounds continue.


Fourthly, different methods must be applied to solve boys' and girls' psychological problems. When we try to solve children's psychological problems, we must

 apply the right method based on the right understanding of children's developmental phases of psychology, the operations of three components of psychology,

 and true causes of psychological problems. When psychology achieves its balance through reinforcing and deactivating the operation of relevant parts,

 children can restore healthy psychology. The whole process can and must be implemented by mothers in daily interactions with children adopting Mother


Understanding the differences in boys' and girls' psychology is the basics of the basics in addressing child psychology. You may have been looking all over for

 the right information for solving your children's psychological problems. You may realize that how futile much of the information out there is when you take

 Mother Therapy. If you are looking for the right way of addressing child psychology, Mother Therapy may be the answer to your long-held questions over

 parenting and child psychology. Please, do not hesitate to join Mother Therapy and become an expert for your and your children's happiness.


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