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Do not sacrifice and devote yourself to your children

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Date 2020-11-20

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  Major members of caring mother society are mothers, but they are told to not sacrifice and devote themselves to their children just because they are mothers.


  Your happiness consists of three kinds: 1) happiness as a woman, 2) happiness as a wife and 3) happiness as a mother. You can have a meaningful life as you 

pursue and feel these three kinds of happiness; therefore, you don’t have to be forced to have happiness as a mother only.


  However, most mothers devote themselves so much to their children as if the children are everything, and they tend to excessively immerse in and are obsessed 

with their children. Moreover, other people think they need to sacrifice and devote themselves to their children since most of them are mothers. Ultimately, their 

happiness as a woman and happiness as a wife are suppressed; they are most likely to be forced to sacrifice and devote themselves to children just because they 

are mothers.


  At caring mother society, I just want to say that loving children and sacrificing and devoting to them are different.

  You will be able to learn how to love your children, how to parent your children in a right way, resolve their problems wisely, and treat their psychological 

problems through caring mother society so that you can have happiness as a mother.


  When you have the happiness as a mother, you will find how to make happiness as a wife and pursue values as a woman (economic, relational, and social values) 

if you are a married woman. This is the same for everyone whether you are an unmarried woman, a married woman, a divorced woman, a remarried woman, or a 

bereaved woman.


  Women are not supposed to be forced to sacrifice and devote under the name of the mother. It is the same as suppressing and disparaging women within the 

limit of the mother.

  A woman is a mother; she is a wife when she gets married; she herself is a woman. The happiness of these three kinds must be harmonized in order to live a 

meaningful life happily.

  In cases of mothers with children, happiness as a wife and as a woman is also important, but the happiness as a mother is the most important and becomes 

the basis of these three kinds of happiness.


  The great maternal love is the love towards children; with this maternal love, it is important to try to learn exactly how to love children. You will be able to parent 

your children, resolve their problems wisely, and treat their psychological problems only by then.

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